The strength of a Group comes from the cohesion of its team but especially the mutual help.
— Edgard Razafindravahy, Chairman of the PREY Group


Prey Group was founded in 2002 and continues to grow.
If before, PREY had only one printing house (ECOPRIM), a flour mill (KOBAMA), a newspaper (L’Express de Madagascar) and a radio station (ANTSIVA). Over the time, other newspapers including Ao Raha and L’Hebdo de Madagascar, as well as the audio-visual stations: Radio Television Analamanga (RTA), Radio France Madagascar and magazines: Essentielle (magazine for women) and Business which speaks about the economic world, joined the group.

Currently, we position ourselves among the most followed media group in Madagascar thanks to the perseverance and effort of everyone.

This website let you follow from near and far all the national and international news but especially the evolution of the group in real time. We strive to offer you the best deals.

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